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APK Editor is a super tool that can hack apk files to do lots of things for fun. It can help us to do things like string localization, background image replacement, layout re-architecting, and even ad eliminating, permission removing, etc. What it can do depends on how you use it. However, to use it well, we need a little bit professional skills.

To get started with it, I will give some examples. For convenience, it will take '5 Balls' as the target apk file.

currently, APK Editor provides 3 editing modes:
(1) Full Edit means to decode all the resources, and then save it by encoding these resources. It is the most powerful mode, but needs lots of CPU and memory, and also contains bugs.
(2) Simple Edit means to simplely replace some files in the apk. It could be used to replace image or assert resource. In this mode, it will automatically scale images for us.
(3) Common Edit is provided for some common attributes editing like app name, package name, install location, etc.

Example 1: Modify App Name
(1) Select target app by clicking 'Select Apk from App' and then select '5 Balls'

(2) In the edit mode dialog, select 'Common Edit', some editable information will be shown like following graph.

(3) Change '5 Balls' to 'Five Balls'.
(4) Click 'Save' button, and wait for a moment for the new apk ready.
(5) Click 'Remove' to uninstall the origin app, and then click 'Install' to install the new apk. (we have to remove the original one because their signatures are different)
You could also modify app name in the Full Edit mode.

Example 2: Change the Layout
Suppose we want to make the button on main page a little wider.
(1) Select target app by clicking 'Select Apk from App' and then select '5 Balls'
(2) In the edit mode dialog, select 'Full Edit', and wait for a moment for apk decoding.
(3) Switch to 'Resource' page, click 'layout', and then click at 'main.xml'.
(4) An xml file is opened, we could see that there are some lines start with '<Button'. Click at that line, a dialog is opened:

(5) Change 'android:width' from '100.0dip' to '160.0dip'.
(6) Save it and do the re-installation.
The button before modification:

After modification:

Example 3: Make an App can Move to SD Card
It is similiar with Example 1.
Select "Common Edit", and then change install location to the second item like following graph:

Example 4: Remove Ad
It is possible to use this tool remove ad for some apps. Sorry for that there is no ad in '5 Balls', I cannot take it as an example.
Previous help could be referred. Just learn the idea from it, as 'Hack App Data' can not be installed any more after modification.
(The key idea is to make the ad invisible in the layout.)

Example 5: Remove Unwanted Permissions
(ONLY available in pro version, here we will demostrate how to remove internet permission)
(1) Select target app by clicking 'Select Apk from App' and then select '5 Balls'. In the prompt dialog, select 'Full Edit'
(2) Wait for a moment for the apk decoding.
(3) Click 'Manifest' tab, and then click at the lines of uses-permission (Should be line 4-6). Find out the line which contains the name of "android.permission.INTERNET".
(4) Long click at the line, it will prompt a dialog like:

(5) Click at 'Delete' menu.
(6) Click save button in the upper right corner. After a while, we will be told that the modified apk is in some place.

Reverse engineering is not an easy job,please note:
(1) In "Resource"/"Manifest" tab, you could try long clicking for more operations.
(2) Most crash issues are caused by out of memory. In such case, please kill all unnecessary apps, completely exit APK Editor, and try it again.
(3) Please avoid using it to modify big apk files, as it may consume lots of CPU and memory resources which is beyond device's ability.
(4) We do NOT garantee that it can edit all the apks.
(5) The modified apk may not work, use it at your own risk.

Download apk editor pro 1.3.5 apk for free.
Download apk editor pro 1.3.5 apk for free.

Trick:1-install one app two times

tap 'choose apk from app'.choose any app.then a pop up menu will be shown. Tap common edit. then change the package name. To simplify it you can add or delete an letter in it. After that click install and install it..now you have one app two times......have fun !!!!!

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